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Welcome to Total-IELTS Blog

On this page you can find....

  • BAND 8.0 sample answers for the latest IELTS Writing Tasks 1 & 2 exam questions from 2023.

  • These real exam questions have been reported and shared by IELTS test takers from around the world. 

  • Academic* & General Training Task 1.

  • IELTS Writing Task 2

  • The authentic IELTS test questions will be regularly updated.

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For more band 8 sample answers, follow the links.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Sample Answers

IELTS General Training Task 1 Sample Answers

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answers

* The Academic Writing diagrams are not the actual diagrams given in the test. They have been accurately recreated for the purpose of demonstration.

  • IELTS Quick Tips: Strategies on all 4 skills.

How to increase your band score in each skill. 

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