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Check out the video on how and when to use idioms in the IELTS test.











The most important skill when learning English, or any language, is having a wide range of vocabulary for recognition and production. Vocabulary carries meaning and is vital for communication, much more so than grammar.

Having the ability to produce a wide range of vocabulary accurately and appropriately will enable you to score well in the Speaking and Writing tests.

Additionally, the ability to recognize a wide range of vocabulary will have a positive impact on your Listening and Reading scores. 

Click on the links below for information on different aspects of vocabulary. 

IELTS Vocabulary Topics: Words Lists & Idioms

Common topics that you will encounter in the IELTS Speaking and Writing tests. Word lists that will enable you to

score well and a selection of idioms that should only be used in the IELTS Speaking test

and General Training Writing Task 1 informal letters. 

IELTS Vocabulary Grading

Learn how your Lexical resource is graded in the Speaking and Writing tests with strategies

and tips on how to improve your score.

IELTS Vocabulary: Synonyms & Paraphrase

Strategies and tips on how to use synonyms and paraphrase in the speaking and writing tests.

The importance on recognizing them in the Reading and Listening tests.

Increasing Your Vocabulary

Advice on how to increase your general English vocabulary and the positive impact it can have on all your IELTS tests scores.

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