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Before getting into the IELTS Reading test, try our fun, quick quiz to see how much you know about it.

Click on the links below for information on different aspects of the IELTS Reading test. I hope these will answer your questions but, if they haven’t, you can contact Total-IELTS via email. Just click on the email link below.

IELTS Reading Test: Format & Grading

Which reading skills are tested and how your test is graded.

The similarities and differences between General Training and Academic tests.

IELTS Reading Skills

How and when to use the skills of skimming, scanning and speed reading. Different approaches to reading.

Read the questions or text first?

IELTS Reading Test: Strategies & Tips

Advice and strategies to how to improve your test score.

How to recognize paraphrase and synonyms, predicting the answer amongst others. 

Improving Your IELTS Reading Score

Improve your overall reading skills. Strategies and tips that will have a positive impact on your

IELTS Reading test score.

IELTS Reading Question Types

A must-read page that gives strategies and tips for each individual question type.

With examples from real IELTS past papers.

IELTS Reading Test: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Increase your IELTS Reading band score by avoiding these 5 common mistakes.

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