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Comprehensive Guide

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Try the fun, quick quiz to see how much you know about the IELTS Listening test.

Click on the links below for information on different aspects of the Listening test, information, strategies, tips and examples. 

IELTS Listening Test: Format

Essential information on what to expect in each section of the Listening test and which listening skills are

tested in each one. The importance of following instructions.

IELTS Listening Test: Grading

Important information on how the Listening test is graded.

How to deal with any problems during the test and the importance of being familiar with different English accents.

IELTS Listening Strategies & Tips

A step-by-step approach on adopting a strategy for the IELTS Listening test.

How to recognize features such as distractors, and signposting language. 

Improving Your IELTS Listening Skills

Advice and strategies on how to improve your general listening skills which, will have

a positive impact on your IELTS Listening test score.

IELTS Listening Question Types

A must-read page that gives strategies and tips for each individual question type.

With examples from real IELTS past papers.

IELTS Listening: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Increase your IELTS Listening Test band score by avoiding these common mistakes

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