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IELTS Preparation: Welcome to Total-IELTS

Peter Wright Total-IELTS Preparation

Hello and welcome. I’m Peter Wright, the founder of Total-IELTS I’m a former IELTS speaking and writing examiner with the British Council and IDP and have worked as the IDP Resident IELTS Expert in the Philippines. For many years now, I’ve specialized in IELTS teacher and student training.  

I’m a DELTA qualified English teacher and I’ve been involved in TEFL for over 30 years. I’ve worked in quite a few countries with organizations such as International House, IDP Education & British Council. 

I set up this website for IELTS candidates who need to achieve a target score in order to pursue their life goals. The Total-IELTS team hopes that you find this website useful and wishes all IELTS candidates the best of luck.

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 About Total-IELTS    

The aims of this website are to provide… 

- Essential IELTS information that helps you to understand what to expect in each test. 

- Lessons on all 4 skills.

- Strategies and tips on how to maximize your score.

- Advice on what IELTS Speaking and Writing examiners are looking for.

- Sample answers for all IELTS Writing tasks.

- Videos of real IELTS Speaking mock tests.

- Tips for all the Listening & Reading question types. 

IELTS Writing: Task 2

Da Nang Vietnam

A fun & informative workshop held in Danang Vietnam, Dec 2023.

Sponsored by Home English Danang, Vietnam

IELTS Speaking & Writing

Hanoi Vietnam

A hugely enjoyable and busy 2 days of IELTS workshops in Hanoi Vietnam, Jan 2024

Sponsored by Eden Business School, Vietnam

Total-IELTS Speaking Training

IELTS Speaking

Vinh Vietnam

A fun and very successful event for IELTS teachers and students. Oct 2023


IELTS Academic Writing

Vinh Vietnam

A workshop for IELTS teachers who want to sharpen their IELTS Writing grading skills. Nov 2023

Free Ebooks

IELTS Academic and General Training Writing Band 8 Sample answers

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IELTS General Training Writing Sample Answers
  • Academic & General Training Task 1 question types

  • All Writing Task 2 essay types

  • The latest authentic IELTS Writing Test questions

Muhammed Pakistan

"I find it hard to believe that Total-IELTS is sharing such high-quality content for free. Their well-organized vocabulary bank and structured books for writing tasks 1 & 2 made my preparation significantly easier. Their selected idioms proved very beneficial, and their content played a substantial role in my Writing (7) and Speaking (7.5) scores. I'm eager to promote them everywhere."

Jane Philippines

"As an IELTS teacher, I have been using different books and materials to improve my teaching method. However, I have noticed that when I started using your site as my guide, the scores of my students have gone up in the real test.  I really appreciate your effort for creating a free site to help those who are keen to achieve their dreams."

Tuan Vietnam

"The insider tips and strategies provided on this site have been incredibly useful for someone like me who is striving to excel in the IELTS exam. The blog has been an absolute game-changer in my journey towards mastering English skills."
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