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Before we get into the IELTS Speaking test, try our fun, quick quiz to see how much you know about it.   

IELTS Speaking Feedback Service

Click on the links below for information on different aspects of the Speaking test, information, strategies, tips and examples. 

IELTS Speaking Test: Format & Grading

A detailed explanation of the test format and how it is scored.

Strategies and tips on how to improve your IELTS Speaking test score.

IELTS Speaking Test: Part 1

How to score well in the 3 sections of part 1. The type of questions to expect with sample answers.

How to prepare for the different topics.

IELTS Speaking Test: Part 2

The topics to expect in part 2. How to use the preparation time effectively.

Strategies and tips on how to speak about the topic for 2 minutes.

IELTS Speaking Test: Part 3

Information on the different types of questions. How to expand your answers with samples to guide you.

Strategies and tips on how to score well.

Approaching the IELTS Speaking Test

What examiners are looking for and how to deal with problems that can happen during the test.

How to adopt a positive mindset for the Speaking test.

IELTS Speaking Mock Tests

Video demonstrations for IELTS students at bands 7, 8 and 9 doing full mock tests. 

IELTS Speaking Test: 8 Mistakes to Avoid!

In this video lesson I’ll be looking at how to avoid these 8 mistakes in the IELTS Speaking Test. Knowing what not to do is just as important as having an effective strategy. By avoiding these common mistakes you’ll increase your overall IELTS Speaking band score along with gaining the confidence to approach the test with a positive mindset.

IELTS Speaking Test: 7 Common Myths

Of all the IELTS tests, the Speaking test is the one with the most myths and misconceptions. Watch the video on the 7 common Speaking test myths.

Total-IELTS Ebooks: Click on the pics to go to our Ebooks page.

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