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IELTS Writing Task 2
Mixed Questions: Sample Answer

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Mixed questions are tasks that combine the instructions from the main types above. They are very common in task 2 but candidates often get confused because they don’t conform to the main question types.

However, when you read the instructions, you will find that you are already familiar with these and practiced them. The instructions are usually 2 questions.

When one of the questions offers a choice, such as positive or negative development, chose one or the other and give supporting details. If you chose both, you will need to give supporting details for them which, will increase the amount you need to write to address the question.


A: Combination of causes and positive or negative development.

IELTS Writing Mixed Questions
IELTS Writing Task 2 Mixed Questions Structure

B: Combination of agree or disagree and solutions

IELTS Writing Mixed Questions Essay
IELTS Writing Task 2 Structure Mixed Questions

Sample Answer

 Example A: Combination of causes and positive or negative development.

IELTS Writing Mixed Questions

An increasing number of people are meeting and interacting with friends and family via social media sites rather than in person. This essay will discuss the reason for this trend along with the writer’s explanation as to why this is a positive phenomenon.

The main explanation for this trend, in my estimation, is the changes in our lifestyle brought about by the increased demands of the workplace. Research has shown that employees are working a lot more hours these days; however, keeping in touch with their loved ones has never been easier because of the advances in the development of technology.  A case in point is my flat mate’s experience. Because of her comparatively high workload, scheduling time for in-person socializing is very challenging. Rather than lose touch, however, she finds it convenient to use technology to maintain relationships.

In spite of the risks of becoming a victim of criminal practice, such as fraud, I believe that communicating online has been a positive enhancement to our daily lives primarily because of the convenience it affords to busy people. Before the development of the internet and social media, the length of time between contacting others could be considerable and, in some cases, could result in losing touch permanently. It is no longer necessary to invest time and effort in letter writing, for instance, that can be a burden for those who lead a hectic life.

In conclusion, people have increasingly resorted to interacting through technology because of their busy lifestyle. As a result, this practice has revolutionized the way we socialize and, in my view, has had a positive impact on society. 


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