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IELTS Speaking Mock Tests:
Band 7.0-9.0

An outstanding performance in this video Let's look at the performance criteria...

Fluency & Coherence: Spontaneous, no over-thinking, natural and speaking at length without hesitation or self-correction. High level discourse markers.

Vocabulary: Lots of idioms and phrasal verbs. A real range and very few mistakes.

Grammar: Again... a wide range with very few, if any, mistakes.

Pronunciation: Native speaker level with no trace of national accent.

In this video you can watch an example of IELTS Speaking: Band 8 mock test. The student got an official IELTS Speaking Test band 8 score and she is especially strong in Fluency - she extends her answers and includes many reasons and examples. Her IELTS vocabulary is also particularly high - she uses a lot of idioms and phrasal verbs.

This video has an example of a Band 7 student in a full IELTS Speaking mock test. She is especially strong in the Fluency and Coherence criteria. She confidently gives full and extended answers with reasons for her answers, relevant examples, sharing personal experience and always giving her opinions.

A demonstration from a very fluent student in the IELTS Speaking mock test at band 8 level. She speaks at length, extending her answers and gives relevant examples and talks about her experiences. She is always willing to give her opinion.

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