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IELTS Writing Task 2
Both Points of View and Own Opinion: Sample Answer


This essay combines discussion with opinion. You are required to discuss both views and state your own opinion all with supporting details.

This is one of the more challenging essays since you are asked to do more than the other question types. Candidates often run out of time on this question. So, it needs careful planning.

In the planning stage, you only need to think of one reason for both points of view and you own opinion. Any more than this will mean you have more to write in the time limit.

Your own opinion can agree with one of the points of view but you should give a different reason. If your opinion agrees with both points of view, you will need to give two different reasons why. You can give a different view that does not agree with the other points of view.

Watch the video on how to write a discuss both points of view and give your own opinion essay.

IELTS Writing Both Views Structure

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Discuss Both Views

While many are in favor of the practice of dedicating their lives to a particular organization, others prefer to work for different ones. This essay will discuss both these beliefs and state the writer’s opinion for why it is more advantageous to work for various companies. 

For many employees, loyalty to a single company affords them the opportunity to become specialists who can gain valuable insights and expert knowledge in their particular vocation. This expertise, in turn, can provide the opportunity for career advancement. For instance, the CEO of a famous international bank started his career working a as bank teller. Because of his understanding of the industry, he worked his way up the corporate structure to the most senior position.  

On the other hand, there are those who claim that it is more beneficial to work for a variety of organizations. The primary reason for this belief, is the positive experience that can be gained by working in more challenging work environments, which have more progressive working practices. The ability of employees to be able conform to alternative situations adds to the skills set, specifically flexibility and adaptability. 

My own belief is that it is more beneficial for employees to work for a variety of companies, specifically when it pertains to professional development. Overcoming fresh challenges, presented in a different workplace, are essential for professional growth. In addition, changing organizations prevents feelings of monotony, which can have a negative impact on motivation and job satisfaction. 

In conclusion, although employment with the same organization for a long period can provide the opportunity for specialization and possible promotion, it is my contention that working for a variety of companies increases an employee’s skills.  

282 words

Sample: Discuss Both Points of View and Give Your Own Opinion 1. PDF

Sample Answer




It is believed by some that global warming is the greatest threat to our environment while others contend that deforestation is more destructive. This essay will elaborate on both these positions and explain why over-population is the primary cause of environmental issues.

It has been scientifically proven that the Earth’s temperature has increased steadily over a relatively short period of time. Global warming has had an adverse effect on the world’s climate with an increase in extreme weather conditions such as drought and flooding. Furthermore, the polar ice caps are shrinking with has resulted in a rise in sea levels that threatens to engulf certain regions.

Deforestation, in addition, has accelerated with huge swathes of natural habitats destroyed. For instance, the Amazon rainforest has been reduced in size at a record rate over the previous decades. The effect on indigenous animals has been dire with many species pushed to the brink of extinction through the loss of their natural habitat.

The negative effects of both trends are significant; however, they are symptoms of the root problem which is over-population. The world’s population now stands at approximately 8 billion and is projected to increase to 10 billion by 2050.  This rise has placed increasing demands on the earth’s natural resources and increased the levels of CO2 emissions to an extent that the rise is global temperatures is out of control.

In conclusion, global warming has contributed to life threatening weather conditions and the rise in sea levels, while deforestation has contributed to the extinction of several species. However, both are the result of the spectacular rise in the world’s population to levels that have become unsustainable.     

275 words

Sample: Discuss Both Points of View and Give Your Own Opinion 2. PDF

IELTS Writing Discuss Both Views
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