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IELTS Reading Question Type
Matching Paragraph Information


This task requires you to match numbered statements to paragraphs. Matching paragraph information is often believed to be the same task type as matching headings. However, they are very different. 

Matching headings is matching a summary or the main idea to a section or paragraph.

Matching paragraph information, can include matching a summary, but it is usually looking for specific information.

The type of information is many and varied and can include... facts, opinions, reasons, predictions amongst others.


IELTS Reading Matching Information
  • There will always be more paragraphs than numbered statements.

  • Some paragraphs may not match with any of the statements

  •  Some paragraphs may have several statements that match.

  • The answers will not be in the order of the question numbers.  

Strategies & Tips

  • Start by speed reading or skimming the text first. This will give you a good idea about what information is contained in each section or paragraph.

  • While reading, make brief notes of the question paper that summarize the information contained in each section or paragraph.

  • Read the numbered statements, in the list of options.

  • Remember that the answers will not be in the order of the question numbers.  

  • Highlight key words in the sentences and think of synonyms and paraphrase. 

  • When scanning for the answers, use the notes you made to summarize each paragraph to guide you.

  • When statements have names, dates, numbers, scan the text quickly to match them.

  • Once you have matched them, read carefully to confirm your answer.

  • Be careful of distractors as the name, number etc. may be mentioned more than once.

  • Matching paragraph information uses synonyms and paraphrase extensively so don’t expect to be able to match words from the questions. 



Question 31the selection of people to carry out the repair work

Text: “The search for craftsmen and women capable of doing the intricate restoration work was nation-wide.”

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