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IELTS Reading Question Type
Matching Sentence Endings


This reading task requires you to match 2 halves of sentences according to the information in the text. The question numbers are the first half and the second half is from a list of options.


IELTS Reading Matching Sentences

Strategies & Tips

  • Start by speed reading or skimming the text first. This will give you a good idea about what information is contained in each section or paragraph.

  • While reading, make brief notes of the question paper that summarize the information contained in each section or paragraph.

  • Don’t match sentences based on your prior knowledge of the topic.

  • The numbered sentence beginnings are in the same order as the information in the text. You will not find the answers for question 33 before 32.

  • Be aware of distractors. There will always be more options than sentence beginnings. In the example there are 5 beginnings (32 - 36) and 7 endings (A - G).

  • Read the sentence beginnings first, focus on the meaning and highlight the key words.

  • Start with the first question and read the sentence endings and eliminate the endings that do not fit grammatically and/or in meaning.



Question 36 - cannot match with G in terms of meaning.

  • The complete sentence should be grammatically correct. If it’s not, you have selected the incorrect ending.

  • Select possible endings for each beginning, then scan the text for the section that contains the answer.

  • Use the notes you made in the text to guide you where the information is.

  • If the questions and choices contain names, dates, place names, scan the text to match them. Then scan slowly in that section for the answer.

  • Be careful of distractors. The matching names, place names, dates may be mentioned more than once.

  • When selecting your answer be aware of the use of synonyms and paraphrase. The complete sentence will be a paraphrase of the information in the text. 

  • Focus on the meaning of the matched sentences. They usually summarize the information in the text.  



Question 32 - Matches F

For a long time, biologists rejected the possibility of evolution being reversible.


Text: For the better part of a century most biologists have been reluctant to use those words, mindful of a principal of evolution that says “evolution cannot run backwards.”

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