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IELTS General Training: Writing Task 1
Purpose of the Letter

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IELTS General Training


All letters, formal and informal, must have a clear purpose. Basically, why you are writing. 

Task achievement

Band 7: Presents a clear purpose

Task achievement

Band 4: The purpose of the letter is not clearly explained and maybe confused. 


The purpose or reason why you are writing is always explained in the rubric (situation) and the instructions. Spend a few minutes analyzing the task before you start planning and writing. 

Example: Formal

You have been doing some voluntary work to help your local community. However, now you are unable to continue doing this work.

Write a letter to the manager

The purpose here is to inform the manager that you are unable to continue doing this work. So, paraphrase the situation when you state the purpose


Dear Mr. Smith

I am writing to inform you that I will not be able to continue working on a voluntary basis in the neighborhood on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Example: Informal

You will take a short holiday in London next month and you would like to spend some time with a friend who lives there.

Write a letter to your friend.

Hi Faisal 

How are you? Hope you’re doing well there in London. Just a quick note to tell you that I’m having a long weekend there soon and it would be great if we could hang out.

Examples of purpose for different types of letters. 

IELTS General Training Purpose of Letter
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