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IELTS Writing: How Words are Counted in Writing

1. Numbers, dates and time are counted as words in the writing test. 

         For example:

             30,000 = one word

             55 = one word

             9.30 am = one word

            12.06.2016 = one word


2. Dates written as both words and numbers are counted separately 

       For example:

              12th July = one number and a word


3. Symbols with numbers are not counted. 

      For example: 

                 55% = one word (the symbol “%” is not counted as a word).

                 However, if you write  it is counted as one word and one number.


4. Hyphenated words like “up-to-date” are counted as one word. 


5. Compound nouns which are written as one word are counted as one word. 

        For example: blackboard = one word


6. All words are counted, including words in brackets. 

        For example:

         “The majority of energy was generated by electricity (55%).”

         This sentence is 9 words. The number in brackets is counted.


7. If you copy the information given in the task these words will not be counted. Always paraphrase your introductions.

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