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IELTS Writing Task 2 
Agree or Disagree: Sample Answer

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The task requires you to give your opinion (level of agreement) about a statement.

IELTS Writing Agree Disagree

The questions “Do you agree or disagree?” and “To what extent do you agree?” are exactly the same and can be answered in the same way.

When you approach this question, first decide on your position or opinion. There are 2 positions that are advisable to take in order to write a balanced answer. Your position should be stated clearly in your introduction and expanded in your body paragraphs.

A. 100% agree or disagree

B. Equally agree and disagree. 50-50

If you take the position of “partly” or “mostly” agree (disagree) it becomes more difficult to write since you will need to give more reasons for one side than the other and your answer will be unbalanced.

Always chose position A or B

IIELTS Writing Essay Structure

Sample Answer: 100% disagree

Agree Disagree IELTS Writing

It is claimed by many that the contemporary practice of students interacting with teachers in actual classrooms is forecast to disappear by 2050.  I strongly disagree with this statement and this essay will detail the reasons why.  


While it is incontrovertible that remote learning has become an increasingly popular and convenient method of learning especially for adults and college students, I believe that this approach is not effective when it comes to children and adolescents. This is because, these groups of pupils lack the concentration levels for distance learning where it is necessary to sit in front of a screen for long periods, usually at home where there are too many distractions. For instance, in my country in 2018, political leaders implemented a pilot scheme of studying remotely with several secondary schools. The result was that 80% of pupils had worse academic results when compared to other institutions that did not employ such a system.  


Another drawback is that many courses are not practically suited to digital teaching, especially courses that involve a high degree of hands on practice, supervised by a tutor. Science subjects such as physics and chemistry require students to conduct experiments in a lab setting, which would be impossible with online class. It is simply not realistic to expect students to have access to the necessary equipment and, obviously, there are health and safety issues associated with youngsters conducting hazardous experiments without guidance.  

In conclusion, classroom tuition, with tutors and pupils in the same room, will never be completely replaced because remote learning not a suitable approach for youngsters and, what is more, it is impractical for subjects requiring explicit practice.

275 words

Sample: Agree or Disagree 1 PDF

Essay Structure IELTS Writing

 Sample Answer: 50-50 agree/ disagree

IELTS Writing Topic Food

An increased awareness of how a meat free diet can benefit our health and the environment has resulted in the widely held belief that everyone should become vegetarian. I equally agree and disagree with this proposal and this essay will outline the reasons why.


On the one hand, there are several benefits to becoming a vegetarian. Specifically, medical research has proved conclusively that vegetarians are less likely to develop health-related issues such as obesity or cardio-vascular diseases. High cholesterol levels, moreover, can be reduced and controlled by eliminating meat from our diet. Additionally, sourcing food from alternatives to meat can reduce the negative environmental impact of industrial meat farming where huge swathes of natural habitat are lost every year to deforestation.   


Meat consumption, however, is considered to be a reliable and essential source of vitamins and minerals that are crucial in maintaining physical health. A vegetarian diet lacks the important nutrients which are vital, for example, when it comes to the healthy development of children. As a result, these deficiencies need to be addressed by a high intake of supplements. One more consideration is that meat production is a billion-dollar industry on which millions of people rely upon for employment and switching to a vegetarian culture would result in the loss of their livelihood.   


To conclude, I believe a balance of meat and vegetables in one’s diet is the healthiest option that would have the advantage of safeguarding peoples’ jobs. However, consumption of meat ought to be reduced for health and environmental reasons and alternatives should be considered.


258 words

Sample: Agree or Disagree 2. PDF

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