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IELTS Writing Task 2: Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages? Sample Answer

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The task requires you to give your opinion (level of agreement) about a statement.

The key word here is “outweigh”. This means you are expected to take a position (give your opinion). There are 2 advisable positions to take which you should state clearly in your introduction and expand in your body paragraphs.

A. The advantages (disadvantages) totally outweigh disadvantages (advantages). In other words, you chose 100% for one or the other.

B. The advantages and disadvantages are equally important. In other words, you chose both are equally valid. 50 - 50.

If you take the position of “partly” or “mostly” outweigh, it becomes more difficult to write since you will need to give more reasons for one side than the other and your answer will be unbalanced.

It's advisable to choose position A or B

IELTS Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages Structure
IELTS Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages 50-50 Structure

Sample Answer


IELTS Writing advantages outweigh disadvantages essay

In contemporary society youngsters spend a sizeable amount of their leisure time watching television.  This essay will detail the reasons why the benefits and drawbacks are of equal importance. 

For children, there are several advantages to watching television. To begin with, the educational content of certain programs can broaden their knowledge. TV channels such as National Geographic provide a variety of educationally rich content that enables youngsters to learn about other cultures and the natural world.  Moreover, from the perspective of entertainment, television can help children relax, especially during periods of pressure at school such as the exam season. These relaxation periods are essential for pupils to reinvigorate themselves which, in turn, can energize them to approach their schoolwork with renewed motivation.


On the other hand, the downsides of excessive TV watching cannot be ignored. For instance, watching TV is a passive activity that can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that can have a negative impact on children’s physical health. It has been proved that one of the factors contributing to the increasing number of obese children is a lack of physical exercise. Additionally, some TV shows may contain content that is inappropriate for minors, such as excessive violence or certain vices. Therefore, parental guidance through the monitoring of what children watch is important. 

In conclusion, there are several positives such as the educational value and the relaxation time that watching TV can provide. However, the negatives should not be forgotten and include unsuitable programs for youngsters and an inactive lifestyle. 


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