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IELTS Reading Question Type
Short Answer Questions



Short answer questions are quite common in the Reading test. The task requires you to answer questions according to the information in the text, following the stated word limit.


IELTS Reading Short Answers
IELTS Reading Short Answer Questions

Strategies & Tips

IELTS Reading Written Answers
  • Read the questions first, then scan the text for the relevant section/paragraph.

  • Highlight the key words in the questions but don’t try to match them in the text. Synonyms and paraphrase will usually be used.



4: When will one of the holiday locations not be open?


Text: B. 

Pelican resort - refurbishment: resort will close for May


Question                                       Synonym 


not be open                                   close


(for/in) May

Note: Answer keys for Cambridge English IELTS Past Papers often have brackets (). These are optional words you can include in your answer. If you do not include them, your answer will still be marked correct.

  • If the questions contain names, dates, place names, scan the text to match them. Then read carefully and slowly in that section/paragraph for the answer.


Questions 4 and 5 ask about Mountain Lodge so you can go straight to the Mountain Lodge sections and read slowly for the answers. 

  • Be careful of distractors. The matching names, place names, dates may be mentioned more than once.

  • Don’t change the words from the text in your answers. Copy the words exactly.

  • Answers don’t need to be grammatically correct sentences.

  • Answers are always in the same order as the text. You will not find the answer for question 5 before question question 4.

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