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IELTS Writing Task 2
Multiple Questions: Sample Answer


The task requires you to answer questions about a statement. There are usually 2 questions and the topics are usually social. You might be required to answer 3 questions but this is very rare.

You should give equal weight to answering both questions. The questions can be closed (requiring a yes/no answer) and you need to expand on your answer giving supporting details.

IELTS Writing Multiple Questions Structure

Sample Answer


IELTS Writing Multiple Questions Essay

Since its inception, the internet has grown to become a source of important information for many. This essay will discuss whether online information is largely accurate and measures that can be taken to ensure untrustworthy content can be controlled. 

These days, almost anyone can open a website and upload any content they choose without formal regulations. Therefore, the result has been the creation of sites that contain information that has not been verified and quite often promote personal social and political agendas. For instance, the development of a vaccine for Covid 19 has witnessed a surge in sites that attempt to discredit the vaccines with no scientific data or research to justify their beliefs. Consequently, the attempts to control and cure this deadly virus have been hampered by the spread of disinformation.  

Several countries have existing laws which prohibit sites that incite hatred or prejudice against sections of society, but these laws should be extended to prevent the spread of false information online. For example, governments should legally require that all sites have their facts independently verified by an impartial body and those who do not fulfil this requirement can have their site banned. Fines or imprisonment could be imposed on the perpetrators to deter others from committing the same offense. Alternatively, content warnings could be displayed on sites to inform the public that the information has not been verified and cannot to be trusted.


In conclusion, because of the lack of control of what can be published online, many sites contain misinformation. It is governments’ responsibility to ensure the public is protected from such malpractice and adopt appropriate measures to prevent it.


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