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IELTS Writing Task 2 
Causes and Solutions: Sample Answer

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This question type requires you to identify causes or reasons of an issue and offer solutions. The topics are usually social and nothing controversial.

The wording of the questions can vary. For example....


“What do you think are the reasons for this?”  “Why is this happening?”


“What can be done to reverse this?”  “What measures can be taken to prevent this?”

IELTS Causes Solutions Structure

Sample Answer


IELTS Writing Causes Solutions Essay

Obesity, in recent years, has become prevalent in certain nations which has resulted in a decline in the levels of well-being. This essay will discuss reasons for this phenomenon along with proposing some measures that can be implemented to reverse this trend. 

The major reasons for weight gain, in my estimation, are an imbalanced diet along with a sedentary lifestyle. People nowadays have a preference for convenience food because they either do not have sufficient time to prepare a healthy meal or they are probably ignorant of the negative effects these fast foods have on their health. An additional factor is the idle lifestyle many citizens live as a result of the changes in working practices.  Jobs that were once done entirely by humans have become increasingly automated, especially in the industrial sector, while employees in other fields spend an inordinate amount of time in front of computer screens. 

Education can be the key to stemming this unhealthy trend which, in turn, will lighten the state’s health care expenses. Throughout the education system, children need to be taught the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in a curriculum that also values and practices physical education. Moreover, citizens could be encouraged, through government health-awareness programs, to do more physical exercise. Having their awareness raised on the ill-effects of weight gain and the numerous benefits of maintaining fitness, people can be incentivized to make positive lifestyle adjustments.

In conclusion, an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise have resulted in obesity amongst people. Governments, therefore, should take responsibility for educating their citizens to be more responsible for their weight levels and physical fitness.

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