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IELTS Vocabulary Topics

Click on the links for downloadable PDFs of IELTS vocabulary topics. Each PDF contains a list of essential vocabulary and idioms.


Tips for vocabulary topic lists

  • Don’t try to memorize every word or idiom on the list. Choose the ones that you think are the most useful.

  • Try to use them in your IELTS writing and speaking.

  • Remember that idioms should only be used in the IELTS Speaking test and General Training Writing task 1 – informal letters.

  • Add more words, phrases and idioms to the list when you find them in various sources.

  • Use the topic lists as a foundation for your own vocabulary records.

  • For a more detailed discussion, follow the link at the bottom of the page on how to increase your vocabulary.

IELTS Vocabulary Topics: Word List & Idioms


























IELTS family vocabulary pdf
IELTS work vocabulary pdf
IELTS education vocabulary pdf
IELTS travel vocabulary pdf
 IELTS sports vocabulary pdf
IELTS environment vocabulary pdf
IELTS healthcare vocabulary pdf
IELTS Crime & Law Vocabulary PDF
IELTS Shopping Vocabulary PDF
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