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IELTS Grading & Results

IELTS Band Score Calculator

Your overall band score is defined by IELTS as….

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IELTS band scores equivalent to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) are…

IELTS & CEFR Comparison



There is no pass / fail grade for IELTS and each component (listening, reading, writing and speaking) is graded from bands 0 – 9.

Each component is equally weighted. The band scores for each component are then averaged and rounded up or down to the nearest whole or half band. If your overall band score is 7.1, it is rounded down to 7. If it is 7.25, it is rounded up to 7.5. If it is 7.75, it is rounded up to 8.0.

For example…

For more information about  IELTS and the CEFR…

Withheld Results

If you have not received your TRF within 2 weeks or 5-7 days, the IELTS Test Partners have decided to check your test again and/or the administration of it. In some cases, your result may be cancelled if any irregularity is found and you may be required to re-take IELTS components again. 


If any information (such as band scores) on the TRF are changed, your result may be cancelled. When you sign the IELTS Terms and Conditions, you agree to accept any delay in the issuing of results.

If your results are withheld or cancelled, IELTS will email you. If you do not receive an email, contact your test center. Try to be patient as an investigation can take up to 3 months and read the IELTS Terms and Conditions carefully. 

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